Your HVAC SYSTEM! yes, it is a system, not just a furnace.

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By SYSTEM I mean not only your equipment and how efficient, but how the equipment works with the duct system and the air flow and the ventilation of your home.

You may have just bought that fancy new furnace, You may have that lower bill but are you more comfortable than when your last furnace was in place? When ever I enter someone’s home I always evaluate several different factors about the COMFORT of the home owner. Are the rooms getting all the heat they need? Is anyone in the house suffering from allergies or asthma? How many pets live in the home? are there hot spots or cold spots? Is there adequate air flow going to all of the rooms of the home?

When you are replacing your equipment this is a really good time to have a whole house evaluation of your comfort to make sure all the appliances and ducts and ventilation and insulation are working in the most efficient way possible to keep homeowners happy and comfortable.

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