10 Myths About Green Remodeling part 8 of 10

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By Murrye Bernard, Contributing Writer

8. My local hardware store doesn’t carry fancy green products. You live in a small town and it takes years for newfangled appliances and materials to reach you. Or you’re a loyal Home Depot or Lowe’s customer and don’t imagine they carry such ‘specialized’ products. Not true. Both major retailers carry Energy Star appliances and many other green building materials. Besides, green remodeling doesn’t even have to include specialty “green” products. You can buy basic insulation or low flow toilets (the government has mandated them since 1995!) just about anywhere that sells building supplies.

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1 Response to 10 Myths About Green Remodeling part 8 of 10

  1. Johnny says:

    One of the problem is that almost all cities that issue permits requests some sort of green initiative or recycling products before a full tear down. A lot of times they are just not practical.

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